Summer Décor Ideas To Revamp Your Home While You’re Stuck Indoors

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  • 15 Apr, 2020
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Like most people all over the world, you might find yourself cooped up indoors during the Covid-19 pandemic. Since you will be spending all of 24 hours a day in lockdown, you may as well focus on transforming your home into a safe haven that brings you joy, comfort and cheer.

We list out fun summer décor ideas for you to keep busy, get creative and give a colourful makeover to your home interiors. Take a look at the bright side this summer!

#1: Turn Your Bedroom Into A Vacation Suite

If you’re reserving your bedroom for cosy afternoon siestas, binge-watching your favourite shows and a good night’s slumber, it’s a great idea to dress up your bed with a new duvet cover, throws and blankets. Choose a beach or summer-inspired colour palette in soft, soothing blues and cool materials like linen or cotton for the perfect home-edition vacation vibe.

#2: Create Fun Seating For Family Entertainment

If the balcony or living room is the new space for quality time, board and card games and lively chatter, it’s time to give it a fun update. Add bright cushion covers, bean bags, summery rugs and side tables to create comfortable seating for everyone in your family. You can even string up fairy lights for a magical ambience.

#3: Energise Workout Spaces With Summer Scents

Staying at home the whole day can play on your mind. Meditation, yoga and regular exercise will help you de-stress and focus on your well-being. Set aromatic candles and fragrant diffusers at the chosen spot for your workouts. You can opt for citrusy and tropical scents to spruce up your workout space with a burst of invigorating energy.

#4: Brighten Up Your WFH Station With Task Lighting

Ensure your work station is far away from the bed and the kitchen to avoid distractions. Work where there’s ample daylight and invest in a sleek and smart task light to illuminate your WFH space at night. De-clutter your desk and use comfortable seating that keeps your back straight and upright. You can organise your essentials with holders and hang up wall pockets to store your files, folders and papers.

#5: Accessorize Your Home With DIY Summer Crafts

Now’s the right time to indulge in a new hobby with DIY artisanal crafts. Try your hand at tie-dye tablecloths or curtains, macramé and woven wall hangings, pompom and tassel decorative trimmings, jute rope vases and painted pottery. A nature-inspired colour palette, earthy materials and organic textiles can add a relaxed style to your interiors. You can also indulge in gardening and decorate your home with vivid, flowering potted plants to bring in some summer hues.

We hope these summer decorating ideas keep you entertained and give you purposeful energy throughout the self-quarantine period. For more tips on home décor, home organisation or home buying, visit Pharande Spaces.