Benefits of Real Estate Investment During Monsoons

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  • 20 Aug, 2019
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Benefits of Real Estate Investment During Monsoons

For most home buyers in India, monsoon time is a break off in their process of house hunting. However, rains also happen to be the perfect time to scout for a good deal. The season offers homebuyers a worthwhile opinion into their prospective purchase. Here’s how:

1. Monsoon special offers:

Monsoon is a time when real estate sales go down due to the weather and people also consider the time inauspicious to make a purchase. To boost the sales, buyers are willing to offer attractive ‘monsoon discounts’. It is not only the discounted property rates that present the buyers with many perks, but also many banks offer lower interest rates on home loans.

2. Quality inspection:

During monsoons, a few torrential downpours determine the overall construction quality through outflows, water logs, neighbourhood traffic jams etc. While developers are less challenged to shield their construction flaws, this is the perfect time for the buyer to make a right decision. This will even give you quality insights into the kind of resale value these properties might fetch.

3. Location check:

Monsoon reveals the condition of any location, thus making it easier for the buyer to evaluate better about the location. In a city like Pune, rains are the time when traffic is at its worst due to issues like waterlogging and poor roads. Therefore, the buyer gets a better picture of connectivity and commute to necessary infrastructures.

There are a few essentials you must consider if you’re planning to buy your home during monsoons. Also ensure that you’re considering a renowned real estate developer while purchasing a property. If you are looking for one such credible real estate builder in Pune’s PCMC area, you should consider visiting Pharande Spaces this monsoon. Their Woodsville project offers magnificent 2, 2.5 & 3 BHK homes in PCMC area at competitive prices.

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