Ready to delve into the charm of township living? Here is all you need to know:

What sets the infrastructure apart in this haven?

• Convenient access to amenities

• Hassle-free, leisure-filled    lifestyle

• Lifestyle essentials nearby

• Promoting a sustainable living    style

Green Spaces and Recreation - A Breath of Fresh Air

• Nature's playground, a    recreational paradise

• Biodiversity at its best

• Reduced carbon footprint and    emissions

• Environmentally conscious     lifestyle

Sustainable Practices - Paving the Way to a Greener Future

• Building a greener tomorrow    together

• Harvesting rainwater conserves    water resources

• Solar energy utilization

• Segregation and recycling    programs established

Why adapt the integrated Work-Live-Play Concept ?

• Integrated living with diverse   amenities

• Self-sufficient communities   for a happier living

• Corporate offices, retail,    entertainment within

• Minimizes commuting    distances

• Reduces private vehicle    reliance

• Alleviates traffic congestion

Essence of Township Living - Thriving Communities

• Close-knit communities

• Enhanced quality of life

• Convenient amenities within    reach

• Vibrant and active    neighborhoods

• Sense of belonging thrives

Puneville - An Exemplary Township by Pharande Spaces

• Luxurious living redefined

• Premium amenities and    facilities

• Serene and scenic    surroundings

• Sustainable and eco-friendly    lifestyle

• Exemplary community living    experience