Overview of Pune’s Real Estate Space in 2023

Pune is India’s most vibrant real estate market. Checkout the Key points about Pune’s Real Estate Market Scenario in 2023

Enhanced Transparency between Buyer & Developer

– All pertinent information is    exchanged between the       buyer and developer at the    outset.

– Both sides have open    communication and discourse.

– Resolving issues quickly and     efficiently.

Sector Observed Progressive Business Model

– Pune is a significant location    for IT and manufacturing firms.

– Startups & SMEs have grown in    the city

– Demand for commercial    spaces have increased

Rapid Infrastructural Developments

– Enhanced social infrastructure     leading to reduced commute     time

– Special economic zones     (SEZs) have attracted foreign      investment

– Enhanced connectivity to     foreign countries with     Lohegaon's International     Airport

– Enhanced reliable bus,    subways, and monorail    systems

Multiple Categories with Assortment of Projects

– Pune has emerged as a great     place for investment

– Commercial developments are     gaining traction

– Industrial projects are     increasing due to rise in     demand for production     capabilities

– Mixed-use real estate projects     are becoming popular

Reasonable Return on Investment

– Pune's real estate market is     steadily growing

– ROIs may depend upon area,     age, and market conditions

– Properties in Pune range from     luxury to affordable

– Investors have a variety to     choose from

Dynamics of Commercial Real Estate Market

– Pune's commercial space     market has grown drastically

– Due to emergence of IT, office     spaces are in huge demand

– Influential factors are population     rise, economic development &     infrastructural development

– Higher quality residential     buildings are demand

– Influential factors for the same     are changing lifestyle choices     & rising disposable income