Pharande Spaces: A legacy that stands the test of time.

What’s makes this brand customer centric

• Trust and transparency

• Timely project delivery

• Understanding of preferences

• Prompt after-sales service

Setting a new benchmark in real estate

• Commitment to quality and    innovation

• Ensuring sustainable    development practices

• Uncompromising quality    standards

• Modern conveniences provided

Innovative Marvels - Architectural Brilliance

• Cutting-edge designs

• Architectural intelligence.

• Aesthetic brilliance with    expertise

• Innovation elevates living    spaces.

Harmony with the Future - Sustainable Development

• Creating eco-friendly    communities

• Sustaianble rainwater    harvesting

• Balancing urban coexistence    beautifully

• Harmonizing urban life    gracefully

Redefining Urban Living with Luxurious Apartments & Townships

• Elevated urban experiences

• High-end apartment living

• Expansive community living

• Endless amenities within

A Promising Future - Pharande Spaces' Extraordinary Living Experience

• Townships of grandeur

• Embracing community in gated    neighborhoods

• Secure and connected   community living

• Green living and peaceful     relaxation