8 Mistakes to Avoid While Investing in Real Estate

Unplanned Actions

- Buying a property should be   an informed decision

- Suitable plan prompts   searching for suitable options

- Buying decision should not be   taken with external pressure   or influence

Incomplete Research 

People should consider:

- Connectivity of the property by   road or public transport

- Proximity to essentials like   grocery stores, hospitals,   offices, schools, etc.

- Amenities and features of the   property

- Upcoming social infrastructure   development

Ignoring Expert Opinion

Avoid taking independent buying decision. Consult:

- Real estate agents

- Brokers

- Home inspection experts

- Builder

Not Exploring The Whole Market

- Look for new avenues and   properties

- New properties also have   high chance of strong ROIs

- Don't restrict investment in   few areas or certain area

Overlooking Tenant Requirements

Owner should consider:

- Tenant's perspective

- Location and connectivity of   the property before buying

- Schools & colleges nearby   for families before buying   property

- Restaurants & nightlife   avenues for young adults     before buying property

Poor Financial Planning

Avoid taking independent buying decision. Consult:

- Home Interest rates offer   flexible payment options

- EMIs to be paid promptly

- Research multiple home   loan options

Overbidding or Overpaying For Houses

- Don't make hasty buying  decision and end up paying  more

- Research more lucrative   options

- Don't settle for the first   property

Underestimating Expense Costs

Calculate your expenses before buying a property. Consider

- Appliances & smart devices   offered by builder

- Furnishings

- Layout alteration costs