Commercial Real Estate a Preferred Choice for Investors

Potential long-term goals

• Commercial Real Estate    offers long-term appreciation    potential and stable cash    flow from rental income

• Commercial Real Estate    generates higher rental income    results in stronger returns over time

• Significant return on investment if    you hold property for extended    period

• Secures financial goals and risk    tolerance, as commercial properties    offer range of benefits

Diversification Benefits:

• Commercial Real Estate provides    diversification benefits to an    investment portfolio

• Unlike stock market this investment    gives a hedge against market    volatility

• Real estate is a vast business,    diversified by investing in several    types of properties across    locations.

• Secures financial goals and risk    tolerance

Housing Demand:

• Commercial real estate is popular    for the steadily increasing influx of    population and urbanization

• The total rental demand surged post    pandemic has fueled housing    demand

• As significant workforce has   returned to office, the reputed   builders are leveraging this   opportunity to supply for this   increased housing demand

• The rise of startup technologies has    created a demand for modern    workspaces to reduce operational    expenses. This presents an    opportunity for real estate investors    to benefit from this trend.

Tax Benefits:

• It has been announced that the    upcoming Union Budget will include    tax relief for homebuyers.

• An increase in the cap on deduction    for home loans

• The allocation of funds for real    estate in the upcoming fiscal year    with the aim of boosting the    economy could be beneficial for    prospective buyers.