The demand for real estate properties, mainly residential, has increased immensely after the pandemic. People have realised the importance of owning a house, and the government is providing excellent schemes for homebuyers that makes this time perfect for buying a home.

Wakad, Punawale, and Hinjawadi are among the prime locations and best for property investment in Pune.

Pharande Spaces is one of the most reputed real estate developers in Pune and is ready with the latest project that is Kairosa at Punawale. The project, with its incredible apartments and amenities, is perfect for Pune investment. Read on to know the top 5 highlights of Kairosa and what makes it the best real estate investment in Pune.

  • Top 5 Key highlights
  • 1. Thoughtfully-designed homes : All the apartments in Kairosa are well designed and structured.
  • 2. Hand-Picked lifestyle amenities : In this project, you get world-class amenities and facilities.
  • 3. Excellent connectivity : Kairosa at Punawale is located close to West Pune’s business centre.
  • 4. 3 tier security system : The security and safety services are available 24/7.
  • 5. Sophisticated neighbourhood : Kairosa is situated in a sophisticated neighbourhood of Punawale for a peaceful life without city chaos.

  • Amenities

It is crucial to have luxurious amenities in your residential society for a joyful and comfortable life with your family or close ones, including necessary and safety features. At Kairosa, you get all the world-class amenities and facilities like any other Pharande Spaces project for improved lifestyle standards.

The massive list of amenities at Kaisora includes the amazing clubhouse, gymnasium with all the latest equipment, impressive swimming pool, children’s play area, toddler’s area, basketball court, and landscaping gardens for relaxation and mediation.

To add more convenience to your life, we also have bus pick and drop point, housekeeping and cleaning services, rainwater harvesting, solid waste management, 24/7 security services, and many more.

All the luxury and convenience amenities and facilities will certainly make your life more modern and enjoyable.

  • Location

Location is one of the topmost priorities of homebuyers while looking for residential properties. Kairosa is located in the most sophisticated neighbourhood of Punawale and offers excellent connectivity for daily commuters. There are many multinational companies and business parks at a short distance from this project.

Living at Kairosa will be convenient for you, as the connectivity from this location to Baner, Aundh, Lonavala, and Mumbai is great. Near this project, you will get all the necessary facilities such as hospitals, banks-ATMs, school-colleges, entertainment zones, etc.

The excellent connectivity and facility near Kairosa make it one of the best real estate investment in Pune.

  • Thoughtfully made apartments

Apart from the fantastic amenities and excellent connectivity at Kairosa, you also get apartments with modern design and premium interior. This project offers superior 1-2 BHK flats in Punawale with impressive specifications.

In spacious apartments at Kairosa, you will get well-structured walls and good paintings with awesome finishing. All the rooms have vitrified tile flooring and skirting, giving the house a premium look. The kitchen has an excellent cooking platform with high-quality granite and a sink.

The electrical, plumbing, safety, and other features in this project are high standards that make your life easy.

  • Conclusion

To experience the beautiful views, superb amenities and premium 1-2 BHK flats in Punawale, schedule your site visit for Kairosa and get all the exclusive offers and discounts. Pharande Spaces follows all the mandatory Covid guidelines to provide you with a safe and secure site visit.

Gudi Padwa is one of India’s most auspicious festivals. It is the first day of the new year for Hindus and is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Maharashtra and other states. The festival brings happiness to homebuyers, coupled with some fantastic offers and discounts in the real estate market. People like to invest in different projects on this day as they feel it is an auspicious day.

As there is a trend of buying a house in this Lunar Month of the year, many real estate developers offer schemes that include ready-to-move-in apartments, booking offers, flexible payment schemes, etc. The developers also make strategies to market their properties and get maximum leads.

Before buying a house in the festive season, you should be aware of all the real estate offers. These are some of the offers and discounts home buyers may get during Gudi Padwa.

  • Flexible payment option

During the festive season, many real estate developers offer flexible payment options to homebuyers. Here, the homebuyer can pay some percentage of the amount at booking and the rest after possession.

  • No GST

The no GST or free GST scheme is another great offer for homebuyers that developers provide in the festive season. While buying a real estate property, everyone tries to save money, even if it’s 1% of the amount. The no GST scheme can save around 1-5% of the total amount of property that makes it a pretty good deal.

  • Benefits on Registration and Stamp Duty Charges

The registration and stamp duty of the real estate property is mandatory and can affect your overall budget. Builders come up with offers on Stamp duty and registration charges during the festival, which saves up to 10% of the amount.

Before buying a real estate property on Gudi Padwa or other festivals, here are some of the dos and don’ts you should know.


Budget Before planning to buy the property, you should decide your budget and EMI you can afford to pay every month.

LocationLook for a peaceful area with good connectivity. All the necessary facilities such as school, college, hospitals, bank-ATMs, etc., should be available near the property.

The reputation of builderAlways deal with reputed and trusted real estate developers.


Avoid a hurried decisionTake your time for a decision before investing in any project.

Deal without checking paperwork Do not deal in the property without checking the RERA number and other important property documents like Occupancy Certificate, Completion Certificate, etc.

Pharande Spaces is one of the most reputed and trustworthy real estate developers in Pune with many exciting projects. In the latest Pharande spaces projects, you get excellent apartments in a good locality and at affordable rates. Schedule your site visit for Pharande spaces projects to know all the fantastic offers and discounts for Gudi Padwa. We follow all the COVID guidelines to provide you with a safe site visit.

People love to be a part of a community. Moreover, they feel the happiest when they are a part of an infrastructure that makes their life convenient. A township is a well-planned development that houses a like-minded community. They define the living style of the modern generation.

Townships are built over a relatively larger space, offering many amenities and infrastructural requirements. Be it shopping complexes, gyms, swimming pools, or cafeterias—a range of modern amenities are provided in integrated townships. Townships follow the principle of “a city within the city”.

Here are the top 5 five reasons why living in a township is highly appreciated: –

1. Enhanced lifestyle
Modern-day townships offer a wide range of amenities that elevate one’s lifestyle. Some popular amenities include a clubhouse, gymnasium, tennis court, football ground, swimming pool, cricket ground, and much more.

2. Security feature
India is now home to nuclear families as compared to the joint families earlier. Thus, safety is the prime concern for every family. Modern townships are gated with security and offer 24*7 CCTV features, video door phones, etc. With an electronic security system in place, living in a township is highly preferred these days. There are many townships in Pune that maintain a complete lodge book of every non-resident person entering and leaving the apartment.

3. Maintenance
The best part of living in an integrated township is that you don’t need to worry about the power supply, inverter facility, or even water supply. All these things are well taken care of and come at an economical cost. Since there are many flats, the individual cost comes less when compared to a stand-alone house or even apartments.

4. Higher ROI
A home in a township will fetch a higher value in the long run compared to a residential apartment. There is also a higher demand for rentals since a township has all the conveniences within its premises. Thus, investing in modern-day townships is always a wise decision.

5. Peaceful environment
Townships offer a peaceful environment. With townships, you can enjoy the freedom of space. Most of the townships are designed with a minimum of 30% of space dedicated to open and garden areas. Some townships also have eco-friendly measures like rainwater harvesting, zero waste, and likewise.

These are some of the primary reasons for investing or living in a township. Be it buying or renting, townships are the No. 1 choice among the urban population today.

Pharande Spaces is one of the top real estate developers in Pune that offers modern-day townships filled with necessities and recreational spaces. Puneville, one of our flagship projects, has its architecture designed by AEDAS – one of the world’s leading architectural firms. The township already has a pre-certified 4-star rating from GRIHA. Puneville is spread over 28 acres with 16 towers, each with 22 storeys with a height of 75 meters. It houses 4 Olympic-sized swimming pools and a Skywalk at 22 feet, connecting all towers to central common amenities.

We also have new projects in Pimpri Chinchwad on Spine Road and some in Ravet. These projects are well connected to many strategic places, including Pune-Mumbai Expressway, Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Aditya Birla Hospital, etc. You can explore all our projects here.

Today, the majority of us are leading a fast-paced, stressful life. Out of the many ways to destress, creating an apartment garden is one of the beautiful ways to keep your nerves relaxed. Apartment gardens also play a major role in keeping the air around you clean.

With the rapid growth in urbanization, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a healthy food supply chain. The focus is now shifting towards behavioural changes to benefit the ecosystem as a whole. Home gardening is thus becoming the trend of the modern lifestyle. And that is not all; there are many more reasons to start home gardening.

Let’s take a look:

1. A healthy plate:
Imagine what goes into your child’s plate is grown in-house. You can monitor and watch everything right from the fertilizers used, quality of water, and even the growing and final cutting process. You can start growing one vegetable or a herb first and then start growing more.

2. Aesthetics:
Indoor gardens are not only the need of the hour from a health point of view; they also help in uplifting the overall ambience of the house and are also extremely soothing to the eyes. Imagine having a balcony full of hanging plants, every corner of your house having lush green leaves. Sounds wow, right?

3. Grow your herbs:
Herbs form an essential part of our food. Herbs are not only important in increasing the taste but also helps in keeping your immune system and overall body healthy. And some of the herbs can be easily grown in the house. Create an apartment garden where you can grow herbs like basil, chilli, turmeric, fenugreek, cilantro to name a few.

4. Recycle:
If we aim to build a healthy and green world, zero waste must become a motto in our life. So, when you are growing plants in-house, it’s best to use all-natural fertilisers. And the same can easily be achieved with the regular house wastes. With home gardening, you can recycle your house waste and produce zero waste outside.

If you dream of having a home garden in your new home, we suggest buying a home that comes with a balcony. Check out some of our luxury flats in Pune. At Pharande Spaces, we always strive to offer the perfect blend of luxury and greenery. Explore our spacious 3,4, 4.5 BHK flats in Punawale , located right at the heart of the city.

Pune offers much more than just great weather. It is an educational hub and features many tech parks, MIDCs, and several MNCs. If you are looking for a home that offers a peaceful environment and all the elements of big city life, then there is one choice that you should definitely consider. Puneville is a venture that brings the best of everything for its residents.

Puneville is an award-winning architectural firm offering customised living spaces to suit the expectations of all the buyers. You will fall in love with the spacious grounds and peaceful ambience. After you disconnect from the hustle and bustle of city life, you come back to an area that allows you to unwind and relax. Here’s what you can expect from Puneville.


There are a total of 16 buildings and 1500 units. A lavish main gate guards the entire building with high-level security. There are video door phones to enhance the security of individual flats. The highly efficient CCTV cameras in public spaces will track suspicious activities.

Comfortable Living

The finest living conditions are what Puneville focuses on. All the buildings are connected to the Central Common Amenities by a 22-feet skywalk. There are provisions for Inverters in every house if there is a sudden power cut. You will find an AC point in the hall and the bedroom, and the builders went a level up by providing a Centralised dish for entertainment. There are 4 Olympic-sized swimming pools and a gymnasium, play space, tennis court, a typical cafeteria and also walking space for the elderly – name it, and you have everything! There are 24 hours of uninterrupted water supply in all seasons and an established fire fighting system to combat emergencies.

The Design

Puneville provides both 2, 3 and 4.5 BHK Flats in Punawale. Each flat has a brilliant ambience, adequate ventilation, perfect Vastu spatial arrangement, and a good view of the surroundings. The entire layout is designed by Aedas – one of the World’s Leading Architectural Firms. Puneville is a perfect blend of lavish living with a countryside set up where you can enjoy all the contemporary technological benefits within the green and lush landscape.

The Pricing

It is situated in one of the prime locations of Punawale. You can own 2 BHK – 4.5 BHK flats in the price range of 41.7 Lakhs to 1.7 crores in this lavish apartment complex. The location is only 5km away from the Mumbai-Pune Express Highway, and nearby Hinjawadi IT Hub. Other Industrial set-ups are in close vicinity. You can also get rented flats in the price range of 14,000 to 28,000 INR, and the figures might differ depending upon the House owners.

If you are looking for luxury flats in Pune and that too at a reasonable pricing range, Puneville should undoubtedly be on your list. With everything served on a silver platter, this place is ideal for end-use and investment.

Buying a new home is a dream come true for many people. The right ambience, prime location, spacious layout, and budget-friendly property are the primary factors we consider. But other than these, there is one crucial thing that we all should consider before investing, i.e., Vastu. Vastu plays an important role in attracting positive vibes, flourish, and maintain peace and harmony. Vastu is a scientific technique that guides us in getting the right spatial arrangement of things in a new home to attract prosperity and happiness. Pharande Spaces offers well-designed houses in Pune that are budget-friendly and as per all the Vastu norms. Let us further take a look at a few Vastu tips that all new home buyers should be aware of.


It is the first and foremost aspect of any house. The main door to your abode should face the east direction. It is the most auspicious direction and helps draw positive vibes whenever anyone enters the house.


The bedrooms are supposed to be free of clutter and without too much furniture. The bed should not be positioned in a way that the mirror will be the first thing you see when you wake up. You should always sleep with your feet facing the south direction. These tips will keep negative energy away. Also, you will be able to unwind and sleep without nightmares.

Children’s Room

The best place to have the children’s room is in the northwest part of the house. If the room has a computer or laptop, it should be placed in the southwest direction. It’s better not to use ‘loud’ and dark colours for children’s rooms because that may disturb the peace of mind. The study table should be placed in the north, east, or northeast direction.


Most people do not comply with the basic Vastu tips when it comes to kitchens. Every kitchen needs to be adequately cross-ventilated. Except during the night time, cooking should be done under natural light. The best spot to have your kitchen in the house is in the southwest or northwest direction. You will have good health and stay fit if you do your cooking facing the east.


You can have your bathroom in the northwest part of the house. It should also have adequate ventilation and make sure it is not facing the kitchen directly. In case your bedroom has an attached bathroom, it shouldn’t be opposite the bed. Clutter has the power to attract negative elements. That is why your bathroom’s dustbin should be regularly emptied and keep the bathroom floor clean and dry.

Living Room

The living room is where everyone gathers, and it should always have positive vibrations. It’s good to have this space in the north direction. The furniture, including chairs, should be in even numbers. You can keep the furniture facing the south and west.

Wrapping Up

When you invest a great amount of money in buying a property, consider the place’s Vastu as well. Being one of the leading real estate developers in Pune, we vouch for the Vastu perfection of the houses we make. If home buyers are aware of the basic Vastu tips, it will get easier for them to spot the right fit and create a good living space for their family.

The busiest part of your house deserves the most attention in terms of decor. The kitchen is not only the cooking place of your space; it is the hub of conversations and finger food. Every action in your house stems from this place. So, while thinking of kitchen decor, functionality is prime, but aesthetics must also not be compromised. The real estate developers in Pune believe that a well-designed interior of a house sells quickly than any other property.

Ideas for Kitchen Decor

If you don’t want to entirely renovate your kitchen because of the mess it attracts, you can refresh the paint on your walls or add a few pieces of furniture to increase the utility of your space. In contrast to the traditional belief of people, you don’t have to knock down walls in your apartment to get a fresh and modern look. Just a few alterations could also work well.

Here is the assorted mixture of contemporary, classic, and cool kitchen decorating ideas that will make your guests go “wow!” the moment they step in. You can implement these practical and budget-friendly ideas either when renovating your house or entirely decorating a new apartment from scratch.

  • Lighting 1:

    The meaning of the word cool isn’t restricted to bold and modern designs. For getting a cool look, you can also change the lighting of your kitchen space. Warm and welcoming light in the form of a small chandelier increases the visual appeal of your kitchen.

  • Lighting 2:

    If you don’t like a chandelier or if your wall isn’t strong enough to hold a heavy lighting object, you must choose industrial cool lights that have a metallic surface. The ones having a transparent cover with a metal body look great in modern houses.

  • Comfortable Nook:

    A cosy and comfortable space always translates to a welcoming environment. If your kitchen appears welcoming with a cosy corner sitting space filled with throw pillows, guests would love to stay in such spaces.

  • Bright Space:

    Adding a pop of colours is always the best choice for any fun-loving family. Yellow, orange, and green are some amazing colours you can add to stools, cabinets, and napkins.

Pharande Spaces in Pune has created world-class interiors for customers who appreciate and seek luxury. Our premium residential project, Puneville in Punawale, Pune, is spread across 28 acres with 16 towers having 22 stories each. The property is exclusively designed by one of the best architectural firms in the world, Aedas. Every apartment reflects the exterior grandiose of the property with best in class decor for the living room, kitchen, and bedroom.

In addition to the world-class amenities and architecturally rich property, the project offers proximity to the prime locations of the city. Puneville is meticulously designed by professionals who have a cumulative experience of years, and hence this residential project stands out in Punawale. The fixtures and designs of houses are decorated using the best modern ideas to reflect your and your family’s personality in the best way.

One of the most recent real estate experts’ findings suggests that rental properties’ demand will increase in 2021. This will happen with the uplifting of COVID-19 restrictions that will urge people to step out and travel. In such a scenario, buying a second house is one of the smartest decisions that one can make. As people start to look for rental properties for vacations or job opportunities, rental properties can increase fares and make a considerable profit. This implies that buying a second home will be one of the best decisions for the optimum return of investment as per current real estate trends.

Here are some things to keep in mind before buying the next property to make a profitable source of income:

  1. Offers From Developers
  2. Due to the current real estate market dynamics, many residential projects provide offers that can benefit real estate investors or homebuyers. While there are quite a few projects with some incredible offers,real estate developers in Pune have been offering some of the most exquisitely designed apartments at the most affordable rate. With a wide range of options, such deals are an absolute steal.

  3. Stamp Duty Benefits
  4. One of the most expensive procedures of buying the home is paying stamp duty charges as a homebuyer. The sale and purchase of properties always require stamp duty charges and they are an irreplaceable part of the homebuying process. However, in terms of the current market scenario, several offers are available where real estate developers are coming up with additional discounts on stamp duty charges.

  5. Understanding Upcoming Localities
  6. The work from home culture in the market is giving rise to various home offices. As a result, the need for properties right in the prime of the city is not a necessity. The trend to opt for residential apartments closely connected to important institutions while promising the best of nature is also in high demand. So, keep in mind that the location meets the current working professionals’ needs for the best results.

  7. Identify the Best Properties
  8. Unlike the last few years, this year will see a high demand for all types of properties such as villas, apartments or even a plot of land. Before investing in a second property, make a plan and research what suits you best to lease out. In case you buy a vacation home, keep in mind that it assures idyllic views of nature to attract more tenants.

The points mentioned above are vital before you invest in another property. Pharande Spaces is one of the reputed real estate developers in Pune, who have created stellar residential projects that assure world-class amenities. With over 10 million sq. ft of land developed and more than 3000 homes delivered, these homes are a dream turn reality. If you are willing to invest in properties with multi-faceted highlights and key features, then check out the various projects developed by them.

Having plants in your home is not only visually appealing, but they are good for your health as well. They produce oxygen and consume carbon dioxide, freshening up the air in the house and removing harmful toxins. Studies have shown that indoor plants are the best choice for your home and workspace, as they improve concentration and productivity, reduce stress levels, and boost your mood.

Whether you live in a small apartment or a big house, an indoor garden can be a source of joy, health and happiness. Gardening is not just about putting new plants; it also about taking care of them. This includes weeding, pruning, watering, transplanting, and nurturing them. You should also ensure that they get apt sunlight, water, and manure required for their growth.

It is not easy to find either the time or enthusiasm to maintain an indoor garden in today’s busy life. The exotic and visually appealing plants you brought with so much fanfare require regular maintenance; else they lose their shine and zeal. The plants you bring with so much love and fondness become a hassle to maintain daily. It is a tricky puzzle when you want to have an indoor garden, but not enough time to maintain it.

Pharande Spaces brings a solution to this problem. They are one of the leading real estate developers in Pune, with a keen eye for Indoor and Artificial plants. They research and plant many of these floras in their projects- from foreign exotics to humble low maintenance ones.

Below are 5 types of indoor plants handpicked by Pharande spaces, that not only make your home look beautiful and greener, but are easy to maintain as well:

  1. Snake plant
  2. This plant’s leaves are thin and upright, with an irregular green band that looks like snakeskin. It not only looks amazing but is also easy to maintain as it requires less water. While these plants prefer bright light, they can survive on duller light as well.

  3. Pothos
  4. These are referred to as the cubicle plant; they start small and grow over 10 feet long. It is easy to maintain, as it can survive in gloomier lights and dry air. You can get as many plants you want for the price of one.

  5. ZZ plant
  6. Do you live in a place with not enough sunlight? Need not worry, as this plant survives easily in low light and droughts. This is a low-maintenance plant that has large potato-like rhizomes below the surface of its potting mix.

  7. Spider plant
  8. This plant is easy to care, as it requires brighter light but not direct sunlight. You can put it in a room with huge windows, and keep it away from the windowsill. It is a strong air purifier, removing both formaldehyde and xylene from the air in the room.

  9. Aloe Vera
  10. Known for its healing properties, aloe vera is easy to maintain as well. The plant requires a lesser quantity of water and not so bright light to thrive daily. Keep it in a sunny area in your home, and see how it purifies the air of your house.

These easy-to-grow plants can survive in any weather condition and don’t require daily care. Watering them once a week and providing adequate light is enough for these plants to grow in your house.

What type of indoor plants would you like to keep in your house? Let us know in the comment section below.

EMIs have become an integral part of our lives. However, many people still do not understand the nitty-gritty of it. People take loans from banks for various reasons, especially when they want to buy a property from real estate developers in Pune. Some people buy a home for end-use, whereas some do it for investment. And some buy a commercial property to run their brick and mortar business. But no matter your purpose of purchasing a real estate property, it’s always better to understand EMI in detail. And we hope this article gives you insights regarding EMI and makes it easier for you to make a real estate investment.

What is EMI?

When individuals borrow money from any particular financial institute, they can repay the amount in small parts. These small amounts are called Equated Monthly Installment, or EMI payments, which have to be paid every month as instalment with inclusive interest, and within the given period. Now let’s take a look at the factors that affect EMI.

What are the Factors Affecting EMI?

The amount for EMI payments on a loan is not decided randomly. Three factors are taken into account:

1.Loan Amount

Loan amount stands for the total sum of the amount borrowed by an individual from any financial institute.

2.Rate of Interest

The rate of interest imposed is based on how huge, or less the amount is, and it also depends on the lender.

3.Loan Tenure

This is the particular time-frame decided between the lender and borrower to repay the loan.

With the amount borrowed, people looking forward to buying a property, car, or any other commodity should know how EMI is calculated. It will give the borrower a clear idea of how much they have to pay every month.

Best ways to calculate EMI?

Calculating an EMI does involve some mathematical formula, but doing it will give you the precise amount of EMI payments.

The formula to calculate EMI is:

EMI = P × r × (1 + r)n/((1 + r)n – 1)

P denotes the loan amount, r denotes interest rate, and n denotes tenure in the number of months. To give you an example, if the principal amount borrowed is Rs. 1 lac, the interest rate is at 10%, and the tenure is for 12 months, then the EMI payment every month would be Rs. 8792.

Why are there so many different EMI payments?

Another major factor that affects the payment of EMI is the type of interest rate levied on the loan. In fixed-rate loans, the EMI payments remain constant for the whole tenure. In floating rate loans, the EMI payments vary on the prevailing market rates.

Any pre-closure or partial payments made for the loan also affects the EMI payments. If a partial payment is made for the loan, then it is deducted from the principal amount, and this partial payment made reduces the total interest rate that is to be paid.


EMI is an excellent way for anybody to buy their dream home. Pharande Spaces, the leading developers in PCMC, Pune, has some of the premium residential projects in the prime locations of West Pune and PCMC. Pharande Spaces know what a dream home means to an individual. So they often provide the best offers and easy payment plans to make it smooth and hassle-free for a homebuyer.