Six Ways to Celebrate the Upcoming Festivals in 2020

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  • 04 Dec, 2020
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The festive season of 2020 has begun! With the ongoing pandemic, the world is resorting to new ways to celebrate festivals. With no more social gatherings like before and social distancing being the new norm, there are still ample ways you can light up your festive mood.

Here are six ways to celebrate the upcoming festivals in 2020.

1. Order gifts for your loved ones from online platforms

The best advantage that e-commerce platforms give you is that you can now order gifts online, and they will get delivered right to the doorstep of your near and dear ones. You can add personalised notes to the gift and add stunning decor pieces to make it more memorable.

2. Decorate your home

Who said, staying at home needs to be boring? Deck up your home to get into the festive feel. If there is anything that the ongoing pandemic has taught the world, it is to love your home a bit more and avoid public gatherings. Get together with your family and plan to deck up every nook and corner of your house to add a festive feel.

3. Dress up irrespective of staying at home

Yes, it is heartbreaking to accept the fact that public gatherings are not an option anymore. But, that should not stop you from getting all decked up – even if you are at home. You will come to realise that decking up at home and spending quality time with your close ones can make a huge difference, and bring your family even closer.

4. Prepare your favourite dishes

One of the best parts of the festivities is the food. Hence, you should leave no stones unturned to storm up the favourite meals of your family. You can even invite your loved ones to cook with you and help each other to put up sumptuous meals together.

5. Video call your loved ones

So what if you can’t get together with your friends and relatives to celebrate the upcoming festivals? You can always get into video calls and even play games like Antakshari and Tambola together online! You can even book online events to watch together with your loved ones.

6. Makes donations to people in need

If there is something that the ongoing pandemic has taught all of us around the world, it is to value human life above all things. Please make the most of it by contributing and making donations to people in need. The easier way to do that would be by getting in touch with an NGO online; contribute to the less fortunate ones and bring smiles to their faces this festive season.


Even with the ongoing pandemic, let’s not forget to enjoy the next upcoming festival with a smile and hope for a better tomorrow. Let’s maintain the new social norms and keep ourselves free from any potential danger by staying at home, but let’s also celebrate the upcoming festivities with equal zeal and enthusiasm.

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