Important Vastu Guidelines for New Home Buyers

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  • 18 Feb, 2021
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Buying a new home is a dream come true for many people. The right ambience, prime location, spacious layout, and budget-friendly property are the primary factors we consider. But other than these, there is one crucial thing that we all should consider before investing, i.e., Vastu. Vastu plays an important role in attracting positive vibes, flourish, and maintain peace and harmony. Vastu is a scientific technique that guides us in getting the right spatial arrangement of things in a new home to attract prosperity and happiness. Pharande Spaces offers well-designed houses in Pune that are budget-friendly and as per all the Vastu norms. Let us further take a look at a few Vastu tips that all new home buyers should be aware of.


It is the first and foremost aspect of any house. The main door to your abode should face the east direction. It is the most auspicious direction and helps draw positive vibes whenever anyone enters the house.


The bedrooms are supposed to be free of clutter and without too much furniture. The bed should not be positioned in a way that the mirror will be the first thing you see when you wake up. You should always sleep with your feet facing the south direction. These tips will keep negative energy away. Also, you will be able to unwind and sleep without nightmares.

Children’s Room

The best place to have the children’s room is in the northwest part of the house. If the room has a computer or laptop, it should be placed in the southwest direction. It’s better not to use ‘loud’ and dark colours for children’s rooms because that may disturb the peace of mind. The study table should be placed in the north, east, or northeast direction.


Most people do not comply with the basic Vastu tips when it comes to kitchens. Every kitchen needs to be adequately cross-ventilated. Except during the night time, cooking should be done under natural light. The best spot to have your kitchen in the house is in the southwest or northwest direction. You will have good health and stay fit if you do your cooking facing the east.


You can have your bathroom in the northwest part of the house. It should also have adequate ventilation and make sure it is not facing the kitchen directly. In case your bedroom has an attached bathroom, it shouldn’t be opposite the bed. Clutter has the power to attract negative elements. That is why your bathroom’s dustbin should be regularly emptied and keep the bathroom floor clean and dry.

Living Room

The living room is where everyone gathers, and it should always have positive vibrations. It’s good to have this space in the north direction. The furniture, including chairs, should be in even numbers. You can keep the furniture facing the south and west.

Wrapping Up

When you invest a great amount of money in buying a property, consider the place’s Vastu as well. Being one of the leading real estate developers in Pune, we vouch for the Vastu perfection of the houses we make. If home buyers are aware of the basic Vastu tips, it will get easier for them to spot the right fit and create a good living space for their family.