How Inside Greenery Can Keep Home Cool in Summers

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  • 11 May, 2021
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The tropical climate in India can be both a boon and bane. Summers are scorching hot, and anything that can provide relief from the heat is a welcome measure. An innovative and environment-friendly way of keeping your homes cool during summers is by using plants. Not only does adding plants ensure a steady supply of fresh and pure oxygen, but it also helps in beautifying homes.

To bring greenery inside your home, you can use various options such as planters, vertical gardens, balcony gardens, window boxes, and much more. While air conditioners provide artificial coolness, installing greenery is a natural way to beat the heat and a good step towards caring for the environment.

Make your home cooler in summer with these steps:

  • Indoor plants:

Various indoor plants can comfortably grow inside your homes. These are readily available in the market. They add to the aesthetic appeal of your home, and they lower the temperature. Some plants that can be added are snake plant, areca palm, spider plant, and monstera. Vines and creepers on the staircase handles or even near the kitchen can help lower the temperature in these corners.

  • Create your garden:

You can minimize the heat in your house by creating your own garden. This can be done in two ways. If you have a balcony, you can create a garden with plants, flowers, and grass. If you have access to the terrace, you can grow some bigger plants and shrubs there.

  • Add a green window box:

Green window boxes are quickly gaining popularity in India. They help to cool the home and also lower the humidity. All you need to do is install window planters and plant your favourite herbs or flowers. This will keep your home cool and eliminate the use of artificial cooling devices.

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