Here’s How To Maintain A Healthy Routine At Home

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  • 19 May, 2020
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On normal days, we love to hate our routines. But these aren’t normal days, are they?

The current lockdown has made us realise the importance of having a set routine in our lives. Our routines have helped us function properly throughout the day previously, without having to think about “what next” and feeling clueless. It has dawned upon us that being idle is more frustrating than living the fast-paced life. So, if you have been missing your routine life, here are some ways you can set a new ‘home routine’ and stay occupied throughout the day.

  • Plan your entire day
    Plan your routine for the entire day, right from when you wake up to the time you go to sleep. Add all the important tasks as well as chores to it, like office work, cleaning, cooking, washing, exercise, meditation, yoga, entertainment/recreation, family time and nap time. Also, remember to plan your days one day in advance so that you don’t wake up with the question, “what do I do today?”. Planning will give you an idea of your next day and won’t make you feel clueless or idle.

  • Be early to bed and early to rise
    Though you are at home, it doesn’t mean you are on a vacation. So do not make the mistake of staying up late in the night and waking up late. It will only make it harder for you to stick to your schedule and make all your planning futile.

  • Make a home exercise routine
    If you were a regular gym-goer before, make sure you chalk out a home workout plan. It will prevent you from losing all progress that you had made earlier. Even if you weren’t a gym-goer, ensure you make exercise a priority. Exercising even for half an hour a day can help you relieve stress and feel active and happy. You can start with basic exercises and make the most of amenities like jogging track and open lawns in your gated community. However, do ensure that you are maintaining social distancing norms while using common amenities.

  • Spend quality family time
    If you had been blaming hectic schedules for not allowing you to spend time with your family, now is your opportunity. Plan some activities that you can do together. Like cooking, playing board games, playing video games and watching a popular TV series or a movie. Activities like these will not only bring you closer than ever but, if it becomes a habit, you can continue it even after the lockdown ends!

  • Spend quality me-time
    Good social experiences are as crucial to your emotional health as personal experiences. With the extra time you have on your hand now, you can indulge in the things you like that might not have been possible earlier. Whether it is reading, playing music, watching movies, dancing, singing, or anything else, do what makes your feel good. Everyday.
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