Health Hacks To Keep Your Home Monsoon-Ready

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  • 08 Jun, 2020
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We are already coping with the COVID-19 pandemic and certainly don’t need any additional problems to crop up as we welcome monsoon. So, while we are taking all the precautionary measures to tackle the virus, we can also make sure that our house is monsoon-ready.

We bring to you some helpful health hacks for the monsoon to keep your home spic-and-span. We all know that even if you keep the doors and windows shut, the germs can easily contaminate your house in several ways as the rains come calling. Hence, this is where these health and hygiene hacks will prove to be useful to keep your house germ-free this rainy season.

Bleach & Disinfect
Although it may not be possible to bleach daily, you can keep one day of the week aside, whether it’s a weekday or a weekend, to bleach and disinfect your house using effective anti-bacterial products. You can use anti-bacterial soaps or dish wash liquids to clean the kitchen and bathroom floor daily.

Separate Storage Space for Shoes
If you own an apartment space or an independent house, it’s better to keep the shoe rack outside the house in a dry place. It prevents the germs from entering the house, especially during monsoon when you’re most likely to pick up maximum germs. You can also use disinfectant sprays or liquids to clean the shoe rack at the end of the day. As for the muddy shoes, you can make a simple soap-water solution to prevent the build-up of germs.

Keep Your Pets Clean

If you own a pet, especially a dog, you will have to take them out for a walk or might even have to take them to the vet for a check-up. Therefore, the chances of staying in are close to none. However, given the current situation and with monsoon arriving soon, you will have to take some necessary precautions to avoid the spread of germs. Whether you feel the need to step out or not during the rains, make sure you bathe your pets every day. Because, if your pet falls ill, there’s a good chance that you might be next.

Wash Wet Clothes Separately

Since going out is not an option at the moment, if there is a day when you have to step out, especially during the rains, getting drenched is common. As you might already know, germs and viruses thrive in a moist environment. Therefore, as soon as you get back home, put your wet clothes for a wash and use a separate anti-bacterial detergent for them.

Install Special Appliances

Along with germs, flies and insects are a common occurrence during monsoon. So, if possible, install anti-bacterial LED lights which emit light at a certain wavelength which helps kill them instantly.

These few precautionary measures or health hacks will help you keep your house germ-free during the rains.

We, at Pharande Spaces, are taking all the steps to ensure that the residents at all of our projects and everyone associated with the brand are safe and healthy. Every project of ours is following the protocols laid down by the government to curb the spread of the virus and we are receiving full cooperation from our customers.

As one of the well-known real estate developers in Pune it is our responsibility to ensure the smooth functioning of our offices and also everyone’s safety. We are taking the right steps to make sure everyone follows the rules, not only for their safety but also for the safety of their loved ones.