No Domestic Help? Clean Your Home with These 8 Time-Saving Hacks

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  • 28 Jul, 2020
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No Domestic Help

The Covid19 lockdown has made it imperative to quarantine ourselves within our homes and this social distancing extends to our invaluable house help and cooks. Now for those who are not used to dealing with domestic duties on their own, this transition will be harder. Add to it the scenario of managing work from home as well as having young kids at home, and your house may very well turn into a pigsty.

If you don’t pay attention to everyday cleaning chores, even a luxury flats in Pune can start to look like a tumbledown mess. But don’t worry. Here are some simple home cleaning tips that we swear by. You can follow this step-by-step guide for a sparkling clean home in half the time and effort!

  • Teamwork V/s Household Work
    Make a list of tasks and allot equal responsibilities to each family member. A chore like washing dirty utensils could be broken down into a 3-person job for scrubbing, soaping and rinsing. In the same way one person can sweep, while the other person mops, and another one could do the dusting. The fastest cleaning hack is to divide and conquer!

  • Complete A Task, Not A Room
    Instead of cleaning one room at a time, finish one chore throughout the entire house. You can start with dusting all the rooms first, and then move on to sweeping all the floors. This way you get more tasks ticked off your list, rather than wasting too much time doing a thorough job of one room.

  • Dust From High To Low
    Start dusting the higher surfaces from left to right and then move to the lower surfaces. A microfiber cloth works like magic for clearing the dust off of furniture, shelving units, show pieces and other knick knacks.

  • Make Glass & Mirrors Sparkle
    Spray glass cleaner on mirrors, glass table tops and windows and wipe them down for a sparkling reflection.

  • Clean The Floors
    Sweep daily and mop the floors on alternate days. There’s no need to do a thorough job as you can always get the spots you missed the next day. It’s more important to be quick and leave your house looking clean overall.

  • Focus On The Bathrooms
    Clogged hair in the drain, streaked footprints and an unpleasant odour can make the bathroom the most dreaded cleaning chore. Instead of waiting till your bathroom goes to a point of no return, make sure you clean the floors every alternate day during a bath itself. Easy, right? You can just throw plain water and clear the grime. Wipe the bathroom fittings and counter with a damp microfiber cloth and scrub the sink bowl with a sudsy sponge – this can be a weekly job. Also, keep the weekend aside for cleaning the toilets with a liquid cleaner.

  • Kitchen Cleaning Tips
    The smartest way to reduce your heap of dirty crockery and cutlery is to go for one-pot simple meals and minimise the use of cooking vessels and utensils. Reuse your drinking glass of water for the entire day. Garbage disposal duty can be shared equally on a rotational basis.

  • Weekly Vacuuming
    Choose one day in the week for vacuuming your furniture upholstery and floor rugs, as these fabrics can collect a large amount of dust over the week. This is important, especially if you have a toddler at home who is likely to crawl all over the carpet.

We hope you were inspired by this home cleaning guide! The key takeaway is to be consistent every day and cover the whole house in as little time as possible instead of focusing all your energy on just one chore or one room.

During this global pandemic, it’s of utmost importance to keep your home sanitised and hygienic for a healthy and safe living environment indoors. If you’re looking for more easy home hacks during these times, you can check out the articles by Pharande Spaces – one of the leading real estate developers in Pune.

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