5 Best Locations in Pune to Earn Good ROI

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  • 02 May, 2018
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5 Best Locations in Pune to Earn Good ROI

Who doesn’t want a good return on their investment? After all, ROI shows how effectively and efficiently your money is used to generate great profits. Pune has been on the radar for investors for quite some time now. The mind-boggling surge of IT companies has increased demand for residential spaces of all ticket prices – budget, luxury, and ultra-luxury. As a potential investor, however, it’s imperative that you know exactly which areas fare better in terms of ROI than the rest.
So, here’s the absolute selection of Pune’s micro-markets that ensure an impressive ROI to make your investment every bit fruitful:


PCMC was, indeed, a cost-effective option to invest back in 2016, but it has become so much more since then. Micro-markets like Moshi, Ravet, Pradhikaran, Pimple Saudagar, and Wakad have transformed into viable residential options, with numerous budget and luxury projects in the pipeline. Moreover, with a fleet of commercial spaces and the massive Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park, PCMC has everything it takes to be a self-sustaining locale – thriving infrastructure, great connectivity, and work-life balance.

Takeaway: PCMC localities such as Wakad and Hinjewadi have witnessed a steady appreciation of 12-18 per cent in property rates.


Cutting-edge offices, lavish residential spaces, and excellent connectivity make Kharadi an investment haven. Situated on the eastern corridor of Pune, Kharadi boasts of some of the best projects in the city, which make it the investors’ utopia. Unlike established neighbourhoods like Koregaon Park and Kalyani Nagar, Kharadi also provides a monetary relief in its rates.

Takeaway: Kharadi witnessed an appreciation of 20-30% per cent in property rates in the last four years.


If there is one micro-market that has seen a meteoric rise in the past decade, it’s Baner. Previously known as Baner Gaon, this location today features some of the biggest and most luxurious projects, commercial avenues, incredible infrastructure, and an all-rounded lifestyle unlike any other location in the city of Pune. Simply put, Baner is one of the biggest reasons why Pune’s property market boomed the way it has.

Takeaway: Baner witnessed a steady appreciation of 15-20 per cent in property rates the last one year alone.


Wish to keep your investment well within city limits, without breaking the bank? Undri is the place to be! Apart from being a focal point of a fleet of commercial and residential ventures, Undri is also covered in undulating greens. What sets it apart, however, is its proximity to Pune’s camp area. Undri is well-connected by various local and interstate highways, along with the recently widened Katraj-Kondhwa-Phursungi-Solapur highway, Undri enjoys an excellent green cover that’s protected by Government regulations.

Takeaway: Undri witnessed a price hike of 26 per cent in the last one year alone.


Talk about Pune’s north-eastern corridor and one name flashes brighter than any other – Wagholi. Having experienced considerable development in the past five years, Wagholi boasts of some excellent residential projects, owing to its proximity to commercial IT hotspots such as Magarpatta City, EON IT Park, and Giga Space. With the influx of more and more commercial businesses in the area, the prices are only likely to increase, thereby, assuring you a great ROI.

Takeaway: Wagholi has witnessed a steady appreciation of 15-20 per cent in property rates.

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