4 ways a 4 BHK can add extra comfort to your lifestyle

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  • 24 Feb, 2020
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4 BHK can Add Extra Comfort to your Lifestyle | Pharande Spaces

They say a better tomorrow starts with a good plan made today.

We believe this saying holds especially true when it comes to home-buying. Because, looking for a home that meets only your present needs is a short-sighted plan. Ensuring extra room for your future needs is a wiser decision as it will only increase your comfort and convenience. How, you wonder? We have provided 4 instances below which prove how the extra room can make all the difference.

  • Parents’ Room:
  • Suppose you are a family of three and looking for a 3 BHK. You and your spouse plan to occupy the master bedroom, give one bedroom to your child and use the third bedroom as a storage room or servant’s room. What happens when your parents or in-laws visit you? You will have to compromise and make space in either your child’s room or the store/servant’s room. Which won’t make for a welcoming experience for your parents/in-laws. Having an extra room will make their stay much more comfortable without any compromises for you.

  • Guest Room:
  • Let’s say your child has won a gold medal in the National Abacus Championship and you throw a party to celebrate the achievement. If the party goes on until late, and one of your guests stays far from your home, you would obviously want your guest to stay for the night, wouldn’t you? In this scenario, a separate guest room will make them feel more comfortable and you wouldn’t have to compromise your privacy.

  • Servant’s / Cook’s Room:
  • Having a resident servant or cook is a growing trend in urban India. It makes home maintenance or cooking much more convenient. If you provide a personal room for your servant/cook, they will live more comfortably, which would reflect in their service as well.

  • Separate Rooms For Grown-up Kids:
  • When your children are under 10, you can still manage to give them a shared room. But as they grow up, they will need their personal space just like you. An extra room becomes an advantage in this case. Also, if you have one child now, and plan to have one more in the future, a 4 BHK will give you all the space you need.

As it is evident, an extra room can make a big impact in the way you live. So give it a thought and plan for your new home wisely.

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