4 Reasons to Start Home Gardening

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  • 25 Mar, 2021
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Today, the majority of us are leading a fast-paced, stressful life. Out of the many ways to destress, creating an apartment garden is one of the beautiful ways to keep your nerves relaxed. Apartment gardens also play a major role in keeping the air around you clean.

With the rapid growth in urbanization, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a healthy food supply chain. The focus is now shifting towards behavioural changes to benefit the ecosystem as a whole. Home gardening is thus becoming the trend of the modern lifestyle. And that is not all; there are many more reasons to start home gardening.

Let’s take a look:

1. A healthy plate:
Imagine what goes into your child’s plate is grown in-house. You can monitor and watch everything right from the fertilizers used, quality of water, and even the growing and final cutting process. You can start growing one vegetable or a herb first and then start growing more.

2. Aesthetics:
Indoor gardens are not only the need of the hour from a health point of view; they also help in uplifting the overall ambience of the house and are also extremely soothing to the eyes. Imagine having a balcony full of hanging plants, every corner of your house having lush green leaves. Sounds wow, right?

3. Grow your herbs:
Herbs form an essential part of our food. Herbs are not only important in increasing the taste but also helps in keeping your immune system and overall body healthy. And some of the herbs can be easily grown in the house. Create an apartment garden where you can grow herbs like basil, chilli, turmeric, fenugreek, cilantro to name a few.

4. Recycle:
If we aim to build a healthy and green world, zero waste must become a motto in our life. So, when you are growing plants in-house, it’s best to use all-natural fertilisers. And the same can easily be achieved with the regular house wastes. With home gardening, you can recycle your house waste and produce zero waste outside.

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